John Boak


Oil paint just feels good. It is in no hurry. Oil lingers. It remembers the moment. The daily changes of slow drying oil suggest new pathways while closing off others. Oil honors commitment and rewards us with depth of feeling.


Bits are agile. Digital painting frees development of the idea. Layers, color shifts, undoing, brushes, smudges, erasers, layer interactions: all serve the speedy feedback loops of learning. I like low-friction image evolution. Can I surprise me?


My tools let me be a hunter gatherer of the daily image. I walk & I curate the world. My images are icons of the moment. Whispers of feeling. Lines with logic. Jewels of the earth. The now is quick. It makes digital seem slow and painting glacial. I am grateful for eyes, hands & tools.

oil paintings

  • cab
    Oil on panel | 48"x48" | 2014
  • West 46th Street #2
    West 46th Street #2
    Oil on panel | 48"x48" | 2015
  • 46the Street
    West 46th St.
    Oil on panel | 42"x60"| 2015
  • York Street
    Oil on linen | 48" x 48" | 2016

print galleries

march | nature

A selection of prints on aluminum

  • Clematis
    Aluminum Print | Etsy Boakart
  • Black Rock
    Aluminum Print | Esty Boakart
  • water in grand gulch
    Water on Slick Rock
    aluminum prints
  • Arapahoe Lake Grass
    Arapahoe Grass
    Aluminum Print | Etsy Boakart
  • Diamond Lake
    Diamond Lakeshore
    aluminum print
  • snow and lichens
    Gold Hill
    aluminum print
  • Red Grass Green Pines
    Red Grass
    Aluminum Print | Etsy Boakart
  • forest lakes stream
    Forest Lake Stream
    aluminum print
  • Galena Tundra
    Aluminum Print | Etsy Boakart

march | digital paintings

A selection of prints on aluminum

  • Red Divide
    Aluminum Print | Etsy boakart
  • snow and lichens
    Gold Hill
    aluminum print
  • kinnikinnick
    aluminum print
  • kansas
    Kansas 11916
    aluminum print
  • Dry Union Gulch Fence Post
    Dry Union Gulch
    aluminum print
  • venice
    Venetian Abstract
    aluminum print
  • beinecke abstration
    Rare Box
    aluminum print
  • sweaters
    aluminum print
  • Galapago Chevy Truck
    Galapago Truck
    aluminum print


commissions & public art

  • elmoro rest area colorado
    El Moro Rest Area, Colorado
    aluminum, bronze, steel, glass, slate glyphs in architecture
  • Yamoransa ICTC glyphs
    Yamoransa ICTC Library
    Acrylic mural
  • kenkey ladies and volunteers
    Yamoransa ICTC Home Ec
    acrylic mural
  • St. Joseph Hospital
    St. Joseph Hospital
    oil on panel
  • Lavoir
    Oil on Birch Ply, 47"x53"
  • Palace
    Palace Oil on Birch Ply 47"x47" January 2010