john boak

I live in Denver and Leadville Colorado. My primary media are oil paint, photography and digital painting.
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photos & digital

It is liberating to have a variety of digital cameras and tools. Some of them are in my pocket most of the time. I am drawn to lines, forms and colors constantly. I draw and paint with my cameras.

oil painting

The visual phenomena, large and small, that I discover in my photos and digital paintings evolve in my oil paintings. Everything gets translated into new manipulations of oil paint, which is for me the ultimate analog medium.




I was born in the Berkshires. Always drew. I first visited MOMA in my teens. Later, I worked in their mailroom. I have painted ever since.


1947 | born, Pittsfield MA
1965 | The Hotchkiss School, cum laude
1970 | Yale University, BA fine art

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