Mask Stay

Recreate the comfort of an N95’s dome shape using recycled plastic

With the stay, a cloth mask bows outwards, away from the face. Inhaling no longer brings a breath-dampened mask into contact with your face. This mask has a metal nose-shaping strip, to keep glasses from fogging.

[ Designed for use in a sewn-cloth mask ]

Materials:1 gallon plastic jug
Tools: scissors, stapler.
1) Use this pattern to cut out the stay from a plastic bottle. I used a 1 gallon water bottle.
2) Fit the long ends to your cloth mask. Trim the ends to fit just inside the mask so that cloth, not plastic, touches your face.
3) Staple the ends with one or two staples, placed crosswise to the length of the stay.
Click Here for a PDF with stay pattern.

© John Boak 2020.
You may use without license for non-commercial use.

cut the plastic bottle in half. Cut a cheek-stay band from the rim of one half, dropping down on one corner to add the T-shape of the chin-stay.
Place staples at the long ends of the cheek-stays, and the bottom of the chin-stay.