March 1-31, 2019
808 Santa Fe Drive
Denver Colorado


oil paintings

life & image

It wasn’t really all that clear in the jungles and forests, nor in the dim alleys of the ancient cities. Eyes are always moving. Life is motion. It blurs. So we love the safer vistas of the savanna grasslands because we might be able to spot the lion in time. Distance, clarity and focus reassure us.

In our waking life we have since changed matters with lighting, eyeglasses, hi-rez imagery and signage.

Still-photography actually stopped the flux of life and gave us a crisp new image of reality, sharper than flemish oils, but so unlike actual living.

In our dreams we navigate an even thicker soup of divergent images, some too sharp, but many so very soft and even harder to resolve. Yet this is where the dynamics of our life are played out every night and every day. The unconscious.

digital paintings & photographs

  • Chapel Street
    Aluminum Print | Etsy Boakart
  • 808 nine prints
    Aluminum prints
  • ferrari
    aluminum prints
  • Osaka Window 1
    Osaka Window 1
  • todaiji bhudda
    Todaiji Bhudda
    aluminum prints
  • forest lakes stream
    Forest Lake Stream
    aluminum print
  • Bristlecone
    aluminum print
  • sweaters
    aluminum print
  • DIA Westin
    DIA Westin
    Aluminum Print | Etsy Boakart
  • car eye
    Car Eye
    aluminum prints
  • bristlecone 2133
    Bristlecone 2133
    aluminum print
  • Jasons Wedding
    aluminum prints
  • Tubes
    Aluminum Print
  • Blue White
    Aluminum prints
  • one seven
    One Seven
    aluminum prints